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 Treatment Dealer

Creating amazing water from the Lac du  Bonnet area. Crystal clear, clean water from      every faucet in        your home or cottage. 

Water Treatment Equipment/Installation and Repair

Lac du Bonnet and area has its unique characteristics with our rivers and well water supply. With over 200 installations and years of experience, Winnipeg River Water Solutions knows how to effectively treat all problems associated with your water.

A water analysis from your home ensures the equipment is exactly what your home needs.

We are a company that provides high quality with low pricing. 

Our Vision

Well Water:

Find out more about how we can make your well water as good as it can be.

River Water:

Find out how we  can make your river supply crystal clear, sediment and bacteria free.

Drinking Water:

Chlorine-free systems make your water as delicious and refreshing as bottled water.

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