Chlorine Removal Solutions

Chlorine is introduced to water supplies to kill bacteria and pathogens. Although effective with most bacteria, chlorine is not needed once it enters the home.
Chlorine will dry out hair and skin, seals in appliances, can damage clothing, and has an offensive taste and smell. And most importantly, Chlorine can be very dangerous if organic matter is present in your water, creating a chemical reaction and producing THM's; a by-product that can be carcinogenic.
If river water is your home's supply and you have chlorine present, removal with a carbon filter is very important. 
We offer 2 different options for complete chlorine removal for your home. 

Automatic Carbon Filter    

Our automatic backwashing carbon filters remove all chlorine, tastes and odours  from your incoming water and requires no maintenance or chemicals.

Features General Electronic™ autotrol valve for decades of use. 

Carbon is periodically cleaned with a time based control that also removes collected sediment.

Won't restrict pressure or water flow. 

Less expensive to operate compared to cartridge filters. 

High quality carbon for maximum lifespan. 

Inexpensive carbon changes.


1.5 cu. ft. Carbon filter with 255/740 Autotrol™ valve. 

Cartridge Carbon Filter    

Our cartridge carbon filters eliminate all chlorine, chlorine by-products, bad tastes and odours from your water. 

Simple, low upfront costs and easy cartridge changes. 

Wall mounted to save space in any size home. 


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