River Water - Simple 3 step process for crystal clear, clean water.

1 - Sediment Removal
2 choices for removal of sediment-

Big Blue Sediment Filters-

This simple filter system uses changeable cartridges for a lower upfront cost  and removal of  debris down to 5 milionth of an inch. 

We use 2 filters side by side to extend the life of the filters to >6 months. 

Sediment removal is important to protect the life of the water treatment equipment, the water appliances in your home, and you. 

Automatic Backwashing NextSand Sediment Filter-

For years, sand filters have been available to help lower the cost of the above sediment filter cartridges. Sand filters reduce the large sediment in the incoming water.

Introducing the NextSand  sediment filter.  These remarkable filters contain a naturally occuring mineral that will remove the sediment down to an amazing 3 millionth of an inch. No maintenace salt/,chemicals or further sediment removal  required. Fine sediment is collected and simply flushed down the drain.

2 -Colour Removal

-Up until recently, the only option to produce clear water from brown/ yellow river water supply was to blast the water with chlorine. Chlorine can produce dangerous chemicals when mixed with organic compounds, dries out skin and hair, alters the taste of drinks (coffee, tea), and has an unpleasant taste and odour. 

-We are proud to offer our tannin/ organic removing filter which produces crystal-clear water from your homes river/ lake  water supply. These filters contain a resin within which attracts organic compounds that produce the brown/ yellow staining in water.  The tannin filter then uses a salt/ brine solution which is more attractive to the resin then the colour is, and all colour is flushed to drain. No maintenance required for the tannin filter

other than the addition of salt to the brine

tank 3-4 times a year. 

-This resin has been researched by us to

ensure it is perfectly suited for the Lac du

Bonnet area.  And paired with a General

Electronics digital control and head,

it will provide many years of clear water

from every faucet in the home. 

River water is brown because of tannins. Tannins are a natural organic material that is the byproduct of natures fermentation process, created as water passes through soil and decaying vegetation. This can cause water to have a faint yellow to tea-like color, and can cause yellow staining on fixtures and laundry.


3 Bacteria Removal

-We offer the UV Dynamics™ 10 gallon per minute home Ultraviolet light sterilizing system to remove bacteria and pathogens.

-Ultraviolet  water disinfection is a environmentally friendly, affordable, solution that can help you to ensure the safety of your water supply without the harmful introduction of chlorine. 
-UV water disinfection can be effective at removing pathogens which are almost completely resistant to chlorine.

-This system treats the entire home 24/7 and utilizes ultraviolet bulbs that require changing about once a year.

-Electronic controlled ballast with audible and visual alarms of bulb condition. 

-Polished 304 stainless steel canister measuring 3.5" X 18".

-3/4" mpt fittings. 

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