Well Water Solutions

We offer solutions for the common well water problems:

-Iron and iron staining

-Water Hardness/ Calcium

-Odours and bad tastes

Iron and odours        

Until recently harsh chemicals were used to

remove iron and odours from your incoming


Introducing our chemical free iron filters. These

amazing filters remove iron, iron smell and hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) by using nature's own oxidation process. They simply use the air in the surrounding room to separate the iron and odours from the water , so the media within can catch, and flush all to drain.                                 

         No chemicals required to purchase, add to                        equipment, or worry about being introduced to                   your homes water. 

          Our units produce crisp, clean water that will                    eliminate the need to clean iron staining from    

        fixtures and sinks. 

       Automatic washers, dishwashers and hot water              tanks will benefit from the clean water and will

     perform better and last much longer. 

   High flow rates and minimal home pressure loss. 

 Treats every faucet in the home and protects water              softeners. 


Water Softening    

                         We offer General Electronics water softeners that utilize  the famous autotrol control valves.

                             These valves only have one moving part which greatly increases reliability and eliminates                                        complicated repairs.  

                                 Fair pricing and high quality with some of the longest warranties in the business. 

                                    Adjustable for custom settings for each home.

                                   Removes all hardness and calcium to stop staning and damage to plumbing

                                   and appliances. 

                             Water metered to ensure regenerations are performed only when necessary.

                     Uses less salt than most other competitors.  

                  Provides cleaner laundry and less soapneeded for soft water. 


Sediment/ Light Iron/ Bad Tastes Removal    

We offer a full line of sediment/ carbon/ and iron block filters that will remove sediment, small amounts of iron   (<3 ppm), and any offensive tastes in your water. 

Low upfront cost, easy installation, and no water required for backwashes or regenerations. 

Large flow rates and simple filter changes. 

Wall-mounted to save space. Ideal for smaller homes. 


Drinking Water    

With our residential professional reverse osmosis systems, your water can be as delicious and refreshing as bottled water. 




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